Thursday, March 18, 2010

Modern Cuties

Okay - so I've also noticed another style of name emerging. I call it "The Modern Cuties". These are the names that people go for when they don't want an old lady name, but don't want something off-the-wall trendy, either. It's a mix of modern and vintage.

A List:

Liliana Lucy
Phoebe Natalia
Brielle Paige
Piper Briana
Chloe Eden
Mia Cambria
Melody Brynn

See what I mean? They aren't "trendy" and they aren't classic and for the most part they are pretty modern.....(maybe with old roots). Not too bad. If you aren't for the over-the-top obscure names that I covet or the old ladies that are so vogue - this might be the way to go!