Thursday, December 10, 2009

Names of the day.

I think this is a good way to get through a lot of my favorites. I think I will talk about 3 of my favorites, or finds theory, anyway, I'm a busy woman.

Today, it will be my top 3 girls names: Felicity, Cecily and Isla.


Felicity - Derived from the Latin word Felicitas, meaning "luck". Felicitas was the name of a Roman Goddess who was associated with luck and fortune.

**Right now, I have her paired with Johannah, after my sisters. Felicity Johannah.

Cecily - a form of the Latin Cecilia, which means "blind". (kind sad.....)

**Cecily is paired with Jeanne (said Jean), which is my middle name, my mothers and grandmothers. Cecily Jeanne.

Isla - a form of Islay, which is an island off the coast of Scotland. From what I've found, Islay means "Island".
**I have Isla paired with both Cate and Josephine. Josephine is a family name, an I like her elegance, Isla Josephine, but I like Cate's short, spunky feel. Isla Cate. Hmm...

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