Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hi there!

Hello - this have been insanely busy with moving out of state and all, I hate it. Anyway, I've done some major restructuring of my top girls list and I thought you might be interested.

First is my Felicity Combo - Felicity Johannah Carys. I still love it, but I'm finding it a bit heavy at the moment. The middle names have meaning to me, but I'm thinking about finding a more satisfying combo and worry about honoring family when the time comes. *le sigh*

My second combo at the moment is Piper Eliza Faye. Piper is kind of out of my element, since I suspect it's a bit on the trendy side (even though it has linguistic origins) But it fits the bill at the moment, which for me is extremely quirky and full of spunk.

My third combo is very new, but I'm loving her all the same. Lumi Roksana Gwendolen. Lumi is a Finnish name meaning "snow", pronounced loo-mee. Roksana (rahk-sahn-ah) is the Russian form of Roxana - I'm not huge on X's for girls, and I really love the way Roksana looks. Gwendolen has been creeping into my brain lately and I think she fits in here nicely.

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  1. I love all your names. Especially Lumi Roksana, though Gwendolen kind of bugs me and I don't know why. I like Gwendolen fine, but she just does not sound right in the combo to me.

    I love Piper, but she is an occupational name, and occupational names are trendy at the moment. So I would expect for her to become even more popular than she already is. But Piper Eliza Faye is beautiful.

    I love Felicity Johannah Carys but that extra "h" on the end really bugs me. I would prefer to see Felicity Johanna Carys. It looks cleaner.