Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 10 most popular names of 2008

Since the popularity list for 2009 is just around the corner - I thought I would review the top 20 names for each gender from 2008. (From the Social Security Administration website)

Here we go! I'll do boys first this time.

Jacob - I have a feeling this will stay near the top - partially due to the popularity of Twilight, I also think that Jake is a timelessly endearing nickname.

Michael - this is one that I think needs a break. Don't get me wrong - it's a strong, sturdy classic, but it's a tad boring at the moment. I'd still rather see a little Michael than a lot of the junk kicking around these days.

Ethan - I've always liked this and I have a feeling people don't realize this one is as popular as it is.

Joshua - This is an old staple - one that has always been and will always BE popular. Like Jake - Josh is so timeless and endearing.

Daniel - I have a feeling this ones going to fall a bit - who knows. It seems oddly outdated at the moment.

Alexander - This one I don't see going down in popularity, at least not in the middle name spot.

Anthony - This one I don't see dipping much in popularity, either, at least not in my area....old in Buffalo NY.

William - this I see being exchanged for Liam.

Christopher -another old staple, but like Daniel - this one seems oddly outdated at the moment. think it's because they were both very popular when I was in school, too.

Matthew - Another staple. I wouldn't mind seeing this retired for a bit. Matthias and maybe Matteo would both be interesting alternatives.


Emma - I like Emma well enough and I can definitely see the appeal - I just think it needs a bit of a rest.

Isabella - Another Twilight name. Beautiful, dainty and great nicknames. I personally love her, but there are some other great alternatives if you want a bella name.

Emily - this one is probably the longest runner on the top 10 list. It' soft and feminine, not much more you could ask for.

Madison - I seriously hate this name. It's trendy, ugly, masculine (it means "son of Maud"...). Come on people - you daughter deserves something strong and FEMININE. Why can't femininity be strong? The whole boys names and surnames on girls thing is very outdated and the logic is just ridiculous.

Ava - very classy and beautiful. I like this, but there are some equally beautiful alternatives that don't have the popularity factor.

Olivia - this is a personal favorite of mine. The popularity doesn't really bother me, personally. I don't see this dropping a whole lot, either.

Sophia - yet another personal favorite. I prefer the Sofia spelling, it looks more feminine and soft to me (probably because of the sof- beginning.) I think it's a beautiful name and one that I don't mind being in the top 10.

Abigail - I don't mind this, but it IS getting a bit stale. There aren't a ton of direct alternatives to it. I can take it or leave it.

Elizabeth - Another staple. I adore Elizabeth. It doesn't matter how many Elizabeths I meet - I still smile every time I hear it. The nicknames are beautiful and full of spunk. (Liza, Betsy, Betty, Beth, Eliza, Lizbeth..... The list goes on...)

Chloe - I adore Chloe. I'm kind of sad to see her so high on the list, but it's not surprising. I don't see it dipping too much, either.

Well, thats it, folks.

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