Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The French!

The French have some of the most beautiful, luxurious names out there, in my opinion. A lot of popular and well known names have French equivalents that would make a beautiful alternative to that popular love of yours.

Adele - this one might appeal to the lovers of the -elle sound, but don't want the popular Isabelle.

Elodie - French form of the name Alodia. The popular El- beginning and -ie ending, definitely a winner.

Felicienne - A pretty and unusual alternative to Felicia. It contains the popular -enn sound (like found in Sienna and Brenna).

Alexandrie - An interesting and spunky variation of Alexandra.

Joelle - French feminine form of Joel. J names are all the rage at the moment, but this one is a definite step up from Jayla or any of that nonsense.

Margot - mar-go, it's got that spunky O ending - a great way to honor Aunt Margaret.

Aurelie - not too much to say about this one - other than it's simply beautiful.


  1. I agree that the French have some awesome names. I love Felicienne. Very pretty.